what we offer


We aim to provide an all-in-one stop shop: neither the student nor the teacher needs to leave Olalang at any step of the booking, transaction or execution of the video tutoring.  Also ,  we offer a wide range of teachers’ availability on a daily basis , the students feels like it and no matter where they are based, they are able to book and do a lesson.



Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

Offering language courses in your company can be an inefficient, expensive and daunting task for you and your employees. We offer you a live and personalised tutoring service with an embedded accountability and reward system.

Dream Team

Olalang Language Instructors are native speakers teachers with previous experience working in Public and Private Sector . They combine language lessons with professional coaching practices.We run fast-track language lessons . Our method quickly show the students their progress and significantly increase their chances of success.

Just say Yes!

We want to prepare your team for the rapidly growing market. We tailor our lessons content to your employees competence level and personal time-frame. Our goal is to make them speak confidently in social or business situations . Empowering them to solve future communication and business challenges.

Nail it

Embrace the new technology . Olalangcan now track your employees learning journey and show you real time results . From top students to number of classes, teachers, and engagement rate . You can now have KPI's and optimize your employees learning plan accordingly.

Why Olalang

Working with a seasoned teachers team that will guide you to unlock your employees full potential . 

What You Get

Experience an accelerated learning journey with our personalized one-on-one executive coaching in business language and cultural skills.