Teaching a language is only possible through universities and traditional schools. I enjoy teaching and have some communication skills, but I studied something else. "It´s a little bit late for me to start a new career" April Barret , Liverpool , UK

Many people only think about language learning in one traditional way. This way of thinking ignores the fact that we all have the ability to teach, and the only thing needed is patience and determination. In daily situations - at school, at work, or with our children - we often ended up assuming the role of teachers.

Olalang is about helping you to take on that role. Changing your traditional ideas about language learning and teaching by making it simpler, faster and more practical. You can be our partner in building this new paradigm.

We will provide you with the tools to guide the process, depending on the level of your student, and you will be rewarded financially for your time and effort. We want you to commit yourself to this adventure and connect with your students, to make them feel comfortable in order to guarantee their quick progress. Your attitude towards your students will create their success, and their positive feedback will create yours! As your ranking increases so will your earning potential .

What are you waiting for?