"Learning a new language is really complicated and I don’t have the time. "I did try once, I attended all my classes and did my grammar exercises but I felt like it was of no use. In the end, I still couldn't have a proper conversation with a native speaker." Susan, London , UK

Many people find this statement to be true. The way that they have been learning languages is broken. Olalang changes this by making learning simpler, faster and with immediate results.


From the very beginning you will be talking with a native speaker and making substantial progress through your interaction, regardless of whether your level is basic or advanced.

The most important thing is to be proactive and just throw yourself into it!

Finally, to get the best from your experience, you should pay attention to one key factor: taking the time to choose the right person to teach you. It should be someone with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed. Be sure to try learning with different people until you find the right teacher for you - finding the best learning match will lead to the best results. What are you waiting for? Start now