About Us

OLALANG has been committed to improving how we learn languages around the world. By building an online language learning community, OLALANG wants to help develop a multilingual world and yes, improve how we communicate around the globe!

OLALANG is far from the traditional learning model. Our method is based on interaction with native  teachers , which we believe is the key to success when learning a new language. 

Why is the Olalang method making a difference?


Learning a new language can be considered a difficult, tedious and expensive experience. We believe that it should not be this way, and that it should resemble the easy, intuitive way of learning from back when we made our very first steps in life. So let’s return to the basics and the foundations of natural language learning and let’s make the process fun and social again

Giving and receiving

The Olalang language exchange platform is based on a very simple idea: giving and receiving. Our students will pay a small fee that we will transfer to our teachers. Olalang will take a commission from both sides in order to continue providing a smooth platform, exciting tools & new features. Today, Olalang has more than 50 collaborators from 10 different nationalities. Our team works on a daily basis to ensure that learning a new language is easy, social and affordable!


Learning with real people makes all the difference.

We all have the potential to teach and learn a language. Olalang provides the opportunity to use your language skills more effectively and to take them to the next level. Of course, this is going to be quite an adventure and we welcome any suggestions and recommendations that will help us give you the smoothest and most refined experience.

Your opinion is really important to us, so please be aware that you can also leave suggestions through our Contact Center